Hello all,


Name:  Canan

I'm interested in: Japanese culture/music/life, Korea, Spanish, French

I like: God, my family, rose, Vampire, summer, autumn, butterfly, Manga, Anime

I dislike: Xenophobia, ill be, insects, war, stupid people

My favourite colour:  purple, red, blue

Alter: 26

Mehr über mich...

Wenn ich mal groß bin...:
I want to study Japanology.

Ich wünsche mir...:
I wish me, that my family, friends and my boyfriend be healthy.

Ich glaube...:
I think I have a positive and a negative type of me.

Ich liebe...:
I love my family, friends, my boyfriend, summer, Japan and South Korea.

Ich grüße...:
Best wishes to all people of the world




Well...today I'm finished with my profile! It was nice. In the next time I want to write more in myblog!

Wish ya all a nice day!

P.S.: I hate winter and spring o(>.<o

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